Eureka: Blade Cuts Compressor Costs

“Lontra’s Blade Compressor, which is its core technology, is a departure from the traditional piston-based systems. Instead of having a linear piston that draws air in on the outward stroke and compresses it on the inward, the Blade Compressor effectively wraps a cylinder in a circle, with a constantly rotating ‘piston head’. A constantly open inlet means that air is drawn in for the first 180 degrees of the devices rotation. The chamber is bisected by a perpendicular blade, which means the trapped air that was behind the piston is now in front of it, and it is compressed for the remaining 180 degrees of the rotation and released through a series of holes in the end of the chamber.

The unique thing about this is that while the piston is compressing the air in front of it, it is drawing in the next volume of air behind it, so it is a continuous cycle. While the operation may be difficult to describe in words, its simplicity is evident when seen:

For initial design Lindsey called in the services of a draftsperson friend, but when Lontra came into being he started using PTC’s Creo. “It is very, very good for the things that we do,” said Lindsey. “A lot of our customers use the same grade of CAD package and so we can transfer documents very easily to them.””

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