Expand and Accelerate: RAPID 2017 Recap

Rapid 2017 is now behind us, but the magic shared at the event is just beginning to take hold.  Rapid is a big event if you are in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industries, it’s a gathering of innovative ideas and visionary people who support the actualization of many of the concepts these ideas support and represent. Duncan Wood, publisher of TCT Magazine and the host of RAPID 2017 helped to set attendees expectations in the kickoff session, “There will be over 6,000 people attending over the next four days at RAPID + TCT. Don’t be that one guy or girl that knows about the cool stuff, we should share the knowledge the next four days will showcase,” he said.

And share knowledge we did! You may have heard the news about our latest addition to our product family, The Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator.  The multi-cell, cloud based additive manufacturing demonstrator platform was created with easy adoption, scalability and flexibility in mind. The stacked printers allow manufacturers to easily scale the platform with machines that are compact and stackable to create customized clusters that can be scaled with business demand.  The system is driven by a centralized cloud based architecture that allows for The Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator to produce parts without stopping for human intervention.

While we are most certainly excited about what the future holds after RAPID 2017, we also realize that the future is just beginning.  We can’t help but think about RAPID 2018 and all of the amazing things this industry will surprise us with. We think Duncan Wood said it best:  “What was not possible with additive manufacturing yesterday, will be possible tomorrow.”

Click here to download our white-paper: How additive manufacturing makes the design process easier,
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