The experience when you want to buy a helmet for yourself.

Last year was also the time when the weather in the north steps in mid winter, low temperatures with cold air easily makes people more susceptible to respiratory diseases such as sore throats, colds, runny nose … Special was the most frequently used means motorcycles which do not pay attention to the protection of your head.

With the team’s first half helmet, it usually appropriate only in the summer due to mild and transient, but does not guarantee the safety factor. This exponential type less than 20% accounted for head protection area should any hazards may still happen. Can see many people still have the habit of just buying a Best Motorcycle Helmet (often first half helmet), so in the winter when there are more teams more padded beanie or scarf on the helmet. That makes the first guard position was less excited by the cap.

  • Choosing the type of helmet

The best type of helmet to run downhill in winter hat Full Face, and Modular. The other hats for the winter may also Snowmobile but Offroad and two of this type mostly used for sporting purposes should be more entangled disadvantages of urban traffic participants.

Full Face is capable of protecting the head a most effective way, because the design hooded bring sheltered and safe even when operating at high speeds. However, this kind of exponential cause shortcomings when used in urban transport for bulky and heavy. With the enclosed grab the head, the driver always wants to quit his hat while talking. In return, this is the kind of hat is quite suitable in the winter frosts. Ability good windbreaks and held his head high degree brings certainty to the users. The cost of this type of hat with reputable firms generally no less than 1 million.

Modular (Turn function) that acts as Full-face but flip function, convenient to move over the same distance. More sunglasses hat inside, opens under the lever is very convenient. This type of hat can be used for both winter and summer (summer only a little inconvenient because heavy caps). However, the cost of buying expensive hats for complex structural hat genuine little under 2 million.

The team is too tight will cause discomfort and impede the air circulation was too broad, it is very dangerous because of the time of the incident, the hat will not protect all parts of your head.

For there is too wide a hat or not, you just put it on the front, and then use both hands to hold the cone and then rotate your head from side to side left / right, if you can move your head quite comfortable in while still holding the hat, it means that the helmet is too large, you should choose the smaller.

  • Note when choosing a helmet

Generally, you must pay attention to the two biggest factors, namely:

Do not be too large (or too tight).

Team to have relaxed or not. Since the beginning of every shape different person, someone first round, while others are ovate. So if you take a team to try different types of hats fit for their kind.

  • Choosing size according to the size of the head:

Helmets also the size as S, M, L, XL, XXL … For his first of any size then you take a tape measure, then put the rope around his forehead, above the eye by about 4 cm to measure the circumference of your head, then take measurements compared to a table Size of each manufacturer. Because every company has different size calculation, go to its Web site and then pay table size for the most accurate results.

Here is the link to select the size of each helmet manufacturer, for each type of cone-shaped inner different large and small, so you need to watch carefully considering buying her hats.

  • Should buy a helmet which is used?

NOT! Helmets are usually only effective protection for the first time is the best, the material inside the cap absorption effect when they are struck and the force will reduce the effects of shock next time. If you purchase the old hat is hard to know which hats were bumps every time or not, do not scratch the surface of the shiny little hat fool you. Advice that should select new hat, but a little expensive but it’s worth because is used to protect your network.