Exploding Text into lines

In a previous post, we described how to “explode” complex linetypes into individual line segments. Many people have a need to explode Text or Mtext for various reasons, one of which might be to ensure the text font cannot change due to missing fonts. This is a good strategy when working with company logos or professional seals where you cannot afford to take a chance on the text being displayed differently.

Presuming you have Express Tools installed, simply run the TXTEXP command, select the text and press enter. If you watch closely, you will see the selected text vanish and then return in a mirrored state and then vanish and return again where it was. When it returns, there will no longer be TEXT, but rather a collection of polylines. Notice the multiple grips on the second and fourth items text below. Since it is no longer TEXT, and potential style/font changes cannot have an effect.

Exploded text

If you are working in AutoCAD LT, you will not have Express Tools. You will have to use the method as described for Exploding linetypes, documented here, which of course would work for just about any graphical item in the drawing.

Lastly, there are some 3rd party alternatives for TXTEXP for use in AutoCAD and its verticals. Here is a link to one particular application, available on the Autodesk Exchange Store.

Exploded text

Detail image of Text that is actually made up of polylines.

Note that this works with virtually any font, although certain filled fonts may give mixed results, give it a try and see what you think.