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Augmented reality is already making a splash with consumers, but its real impact could be in commercial applications.

When Microsoft first unveiled their HoloLens mixed reality headset on stage in 2015, they presented a living room where everything from watching TV to playing Minecraft could be totally virtual and in an augmented reality environment. But in reality, it’s manufacturers like Volvo, Audi, NASA, and Lowe’s who are using the headsets to their full potential.

Last week, Microsoft further highlighted the use of the HoloLens in the commercial space with a fascinating look at how Ford design and engineering teams are visualizing full-scale car models in 3D using the headsets:

While the ability to visualize full-scale 3D models— similar to clay models—is without a doubt a powerful addition to the designer or engineer’s toolkit, the ability to communicate these design ideas to others within an organization is equally so.

Microsoft is holding a Windows Mixed Reality launch event on October 3rd in San Francisco—where they’re expected to announce what’s to come next for their augmented reality interface.

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