Fusion 360 Meetup in Portland Oregon this Week

Fusion 360 Meetup - What's New in Fusion & CNC Scripting at the Hedron Makerspace

If you happen to be in beautiful Portland Oregon this week, want to meet some of the Fusion 360 team and see some cool things then sign up for the free meetup. Michael Aubry of Autodesk has organized this meetup and will be joined by others from Autodesk like Brian Ekins and Fusion’s Keqing Song. I will also be attending this meetup as I can’t get enough Fusion 360 info.

Fusion 360 Meetup - What's New in Fusion & CNC Scripting at the Hedron Makerspace (Free)

When: Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Where: Hedron Makerspace 2020 SE Bush St., Portland, OR (map)

Please RSVP to attend:

Important Details: Yes :”food” and “beverages” will be provided.

“Have you ever been to Hedron Makerspace? Oddly, the Fusion 360 meetup hasn't. Let’s change that! Let's meetup Thursday March 9th, 6:30 PM at Hedron Makerspace. To kick things off, Jesse with Hedron will be showing off the space. Hedron has a bunch of 3D printers, a router, and various shop materials. Come check the place out. Next, we’ll be featuring local fusion user (and Autodesk API guru) Brian Ekins and his super fun Fusion scripts that let you do interesting things in CAM that are otherwise difficult. Then, we’ve got Keqing Song with the Fusion product team on-deck to finish out the evening with a whole lot of what’s up and coming in Fusion.

Bring your laptop. Bring your appetite - we’ve got the food. Bring your curiosity. Whether you’re looking to explore the neighborhood, see an interesting Fusion project, or get glimpse of what’s coming in the future come join us Thursday March 9th at Hedron Makerspace!”

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