Go Into Details To Choose A Good Longboard

These days, people pay a lot of attention to the longboard which is a kind of professional board in street skating even though practicing with this board is quiet challenging. A lot of beginners for skating choose good skateboard brands which insure the quality and durability of the product.

Last week, I bought my second longboard. However, this time, I chose to buy the skateboard with carefulness and full test. I know that many people have difficulties in selecting such a board. Therefore, today I will provide you with more details about the longboard so that you can understand it more.

The Structures Of A Longboard

As usual, people choose to buy a longboard when they only know how it looks and sometimes they just touch it to test the material. However, they even do not know whether its material is good or bad. Therefore, in this part, I will provide you with more analysis about the longboard structure.


The deck indicates the longboard surface. It is made of wood. It is also the base of the longboard.

Grip Tape

The deck of the longboard is coated with a grip tape. You know that the deck is made of wood and the surface is very smooth. However, to increase the friction for the skaters, there should have a grip tape layer in order to protect the deck.

Truck, Truck Nuts And King Pin

Skaters can move on the longboard thanks to the truck structure. The truck is the part that consists of truck nuts to connect the deck with the wheels. The truck bolts are the things that help to connect.

Wheels, Axel And Axel Nut

The axel is connected with the wheels of the longboard by the axel nuts. The wheels help skaters push the board and make it go. The wheels need to be tightened with the axel nuts.


When you buy a longboard, you will have to know its most important specifications such as the weight, the length, the material of every structural part and so on. In this part, I will give you some specifications.

Color and design: the color and design of the longboard varies and the skaters will choose what is the most attractive to them. The black longboard is suitable for those who pursue mysterious style.

Construction Type

The longboard has the multi – ply hardwood maple and the longboard deck is beautiful with every fiber of bamboo or groove of wood material.


Each person will choose the longboard of suitable dimensions. For beginners, the dimension of the longboard can be 44x9x43 (unit: inch).

Description For Its Features

The longboard is well – liked by virtue of its great features. To describe, the longboard helps skaters keep balance more effectively when they perform the steps on the air.

The grip tape is good for increasing the frictions so the skaters can skate comfortably with the most beautiful steps. They will also have more effective practice lessons with this long board.

In addition to this, the longboard is appropriate for performing backing up or flipping steps. With the good ability to keep safety for the skaters, these boards are now innovated with more designs. The manufacturers also have more concepts for decorating boards.

Notes To Choose

Even though you have a good knowledge about the longboard for skating, you still need to be faced with real cases when you come to the store to buy one skateboard.

You should limit buying the longboard online on the grounds that you have no chance to test the product before paying money for it. So you ought to come to the store and have a careful test.

You have to check all the screws and nuts, especially the truck structure. In this way, you will insure the quality of the board you will use.

Bottom Line

Understanding all the features all the things about the longboard is very interesting, right? This is one key for those who have dreamt of a good skateboard. Therefore, before buying, you ought to equip yourselves with such information. In this article, I just supply you with the least basic details. If you want some further information, please feel free to contact us.