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Despite its namesake, this has to be one of the smallest CNC machines you will ever lay your eyes on.

The Goliath CNC, unlike most other CNCs, isn’t affixed to one location. It moves across surfaces, be they wood, metal, copper, or plastic, to carve CAD designs without space restrictions.

So how does it do this autonomously without falling to its side or carving in the wrong area?

Sensors; that’s how. After plugging in the power cord, users have to set two position sensors for the Goliath to get a grasp of its working space. Once the CAD drawing is placed, it then gets to work carving the drawing on the space itself.

There’s a lot more science to it, such as the sensors dictating the X and Y axes while the Goliath’s drill sensor measures the Z axis, but it helps to know that the machine has a 0.1mm accuracy when carving designs into a surface.

The surface can be as big or as small as it needs to be. Since the Goliath uses sensors, it doesn’t require you to move the material around as other CNC machines do; it does the moving itself. The Goliath works backwards, in such a way that its wheels don’t accidentally fall into the design it is carving.

It goes without saying the Goliath is somewhat portable as well. If you don’t mind carrying a 22-pound CNC machine around, then yes, this thing is totally portable.

As for importing CAD designs, the machine is compatible with .dwg, .svg, and .ai file types. It can also be affixed with different mill bits to support more surface types like acrylic or aluminum.

The Goliath doesn’t get rid of the residue problems which plague carving machines, but it does help solve certain issues concerning portability and accuracy. The project has already exceeded its initial goal of $90,000 on Kickstarter (it now stands at around $714,562). You can find out more about this tiny giant there.

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