The GP 1945 Bolt-Action Tactical Pen Might Just Save Your Life

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We seem to be talking a lot about pencils lately. From a pencil holder/extender to a pencil/stylus, we do love to cover our notebooks in wood shavings and lead. But let’s give a tactical pen some love this time around.

The GP 1945 bolt-action tactical pen isn’t your normal click pen. In fact it’s, quite surprisingly, the first design of its kind. Created by GPCA, a Jeep accessory maker, the pen is designed to write and, oh yeah, save your life in the wilderness while serving as that near indestructible writing instrument.

The pen takes its name from the year 1945, the same year World War 2 ended – a message to MARK 1945 as not only the end to World War II, but to the end of World War in general. If buying a cool, tactical pen is all that took, we’d be doing alright.

The GP 1945 bolt-action tactical pen

The bolt action feature of the pen, is reminiscent of old military rifle or the modern long-range rifles. It pushes forward, locks the cartridge into place, and doubles as an fidgety way to pass the time.

The GP 1945 bolt-action tactical pen

How can it save your life? It may be the built-in 100 decibel whistle. The whistle produces a shrill, high-pitched sound and can play a variety of tones by sliding your fingers along the pen’s clip. This looks really useful; and bonus–after you call for help, you can play a little tune to pass the time until they arrive.

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If that’s enough tactical coolness for you, the grip’s dimensions serve as a reference for inches or centimeters. The wider part of the grip measures 1 cm/10 mm while combined with the two successive sections give you 1 inch/2.54 cm.

The GP 1945 bolt-action tactical pen

The GP 1945 can also BREAK GLASS with the tungsten tip at the top of the pen. Since GPCA assumes you’ll be using this to get out of a sinking car instead of breaking into someone’s house, the tip was designed to be wider in order to direct the glass fragments away from your hand.

The GP 1945 bolt-action tactical pen

Depending on your preference, the GP 1945 can be made from aluminum or TC4 Titanium. Either way, the pen can withstand being run over by the same Jeep you should be driving if you own a pen like this.

The pen has been successfully funded on Kickstarter passing the $4500 goal with $25,000+ achieved and the better part of a month to go. Earlybird pricing is gone, but you can still snag the black -anodized aluminum version for $39 ($17 off retail of $59) or the titanium version for $69, with an expected ship date of November 2017. You can learn more about its handy features on the GPCA website.

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