Grant your AutoCAD Objects a Super Power! (make them invisible)

So if you could pick any super power - what would it be?  I vote for invisibility (although it's probably best not to be able to hear what peoplea re REALLY saying about you!).  While I can't grant you this awesome super power - I can certainly show you how to make your AutoCAD objects invisible!

For years we have been using Layers to control the visibility of objects.  We've skillfilly learned to be nice and organized when it comes to which objects land on which layer.  But what if we could just simply select objects and make them invisible?  Well for all of you on AutoCAD 2011 or higher - you have this great super power you can choose to bestow on your AutoCAD objects.


Enjoy the Cadalyst video tip!

One reader did note that at some point during this video it appears as though I actually have cow ears - hysterical!