Hands on with Cool Products at SOLIDWORKS World Japan

Meactivelinkhttp://blogs.solidworks.com/solidworksblog/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/20... 368w" sizes="(max-width: 137px) 100vw, 137px" />eting smart and innovative users and partners was a major highlight at SOLIDWORKS World Japan 2016 (SWWJ16). It started during Seven Dreamers Labs’ main stage presentation, which shared the 10-year odyssey of bringing the world’s first laundry folding bot to market. You can read more about the presentation from Seven Dreamers Labs President and CEO Banne Shinichi in this blog post. Products on display ranged from a Power Assist Suit exoskeleton and a myoelectric-powered prosthetic to a student racing team.

ActiveLink, makers of the AWN-03 Power Assist Suit, an exoskeleton created to ease the burden of physical labor, provided attendees with the opportunity to suit up and lift. Japan is working to combat an aging workforce and labor shortage. Tools like the Power Assist suit contribute by extending our capabilities to complete physical labor; it exemplifies the saying, work smarter, not harder come to life. An added bonus for those interested in anime was that creators of Evangelion have designed ActiveLink-inspired art in honor of the Power Assist Suit.

Watch the video below to see ActiveLink engineers take the Ninja Power Assist product to a customer for testing prior to its 2017 rollout:

MELTIN, the first SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program user in Japan, is striving to remove all biological barriers between people and machines. The engineering team uses wire traction drive technology to enable its prosthetic to behave and move in a more natural fashion. At SWWJ, engineers demonstrated how the hand is controlled by myoelectric sensors. As you can see, the hand reads the sensors and mirrors the movements of the human hand.

ANNO Design Office, a Japanese industrial design company, specializes in developing unique and innovative products, ranging from industrial equipment and furniture to precision instruments and electrical appliances. ANNO uses SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer while creating its amazing and diverse set of projects. One is a shoulder massager, which according to designer Yukichi Anno, is possible because of modeling capabilities inside of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

At SWWJ16, student users were represented by the Kyoto University Formula SAE team. Worldwide, Formula SAE competitions are critical for creating excitement about engineering and technology. In the case of team representative Kazuki  Sono, he first learned SOLIDWORKS after joining the team. Now, his goal is to pursue a career as an automotive engineer. Here’s a look at the car designed in SOLIDWORKS.

The virtual world was also on display at the event. SOLIDWORKS Partner NEC showed off an Oculus Rift-based VR training system made possible by creating a virtual environment with CAD data. Now you can add virtual world building to the list of things you can bring to life with SOLIDWORKS and its partners.

SOLIDWORKS World Japan was truly an amazing experience built around the innovative work being completed every day by designers across the country. We’ll hopefully see some of the same users again at SOLIDWORKS World 2017, the largest gathering of SOLIDWORKS users on the planet. To learn more, visit the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 website.

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