High-Speed 3D Printing Technology Changing Jewelry Industry

TCT Magazine | January 2017 ~ EnvisionTEC’s resident jewelry expert Bill Letwin talks to TCT Magazine’s European edition about how 3D printing, and high-speed 3D printing in particular, is changing the jewelry market.

“You now have the ability to design, print, cast, set and finish a piece quickly and affordably,” he told the magazine.

Letwin also discussed the major advantages of EnvisionTEC’s high-speed 3D printing technology, which 3D prints a ladies ring in less than 15 minutes.

Letwin called the new Micro cDLM, which he called “a real game-changer if you are a bricks and mortar store. A customer can come in with a design, create it, modify it, and then print it out for fit and finish. Because they have participated in the manufacturing process, then price becomes ofs of an issue.”

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Vol. 25, Issue 1 of TCT Europe.

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