Hitting the Road with AutoCAD 2013

I have been fortunate to participate in some great Autodesk launch events this year.  Some of my presentations have been focused on the new features inside of AutoCAD 2013 - and some have been focused on highler level topics such as Embracing the Cloud (Autodesk 360).  All in all I've met some fantastic Autodesk product users (nice meeting you all!).

I kicked off my first official AutoCAD 2013 event with my good friends at DDSCAD in Fort Lauderdale.  They always pick the coolest venues - in this case it was at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame..  The folks at Digital Drafting Systems are pros at bringing out the crowds (and just wonderful to work with).  It was the perfect way to kick off my launch events.

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 Now let's skip to my last event!  That would have been in Seoul, Korea.  Though it was a bit of a challenge demoing with the Korean version of the software (practice makes perfect!).  Four hours of presenting in Seoul was a record, I believe, but it was followed up with dinner at a Korean Barbeque so how could I possible complain?  They even had a live band right in the middle of my presentations! Great fun.

Below is a picture of two wonderful customers from Seoul who were on the live Panel with me.  Both have been to Autodesk University and are AutoCAD and Revit pros.  Seungkyu has his own popular blog in Seoul and is just such good fun to be around!

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A great big thank you to everyone who's been so hospitable along the way!  Be sure to check out my upcoming Autodesk Launch events (maybe I'll get to see you!).