How Many 3D Printers Does it Take to Rebuild the Parthenon?

3Dnatives | Jan. 16, 2017 ~ A complete model of the Parthenon has been 3D printed on EnvisionTEC printers through a collaboration between DL Additive and Arketyp 3D, according to the Paris-based blog,

The Parthenon is one of the world’s greatest monuments, dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, and is known for its distinctive and decorative columns and sculptures, making it a challenge for fine reproduction.

Among the EnvisionTEC models used for the project:

  • The Ultra 3SP, which prints quickly and precisely with complex geometry parts.
  • The Vector 3SP, which has a work space 29% larger than the Ultra 3SP and a higher printing speed. It was used to create larger rooms.
  • The Apollo Plus, which is frequently used by the jewelry industry. It reproduces the finest details while maintaining a high quality and high reliability.

The project was a commissioned by a private individual who was thrilled with the final result, telling 3Dnatives: “The result was beyond my expectations and still is today. We are facing a masterpiece of miniature reproduction.”


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