I celebrated Pi Day before Pi Day was cool!

I live for Pi Day. I don't know why it has always fascinated me, but it does. I am absolutely in love with Pi Day. I think it's my inner nerd coming out and my love for sweet treats and pizza. I also love the beauty of math. It's a perfect marriage of fun, food, and figures. Best of all it's an opportunity to totally geek out!
This year is being dubbed "Pi Day of the Century" because of the year fitting in rather nicely with the number Pi. Today's date is March 14th, 2015, or put another way 3/14/15. Pi to four digits is 3.1415. Amazing isn't it?
Many people, like myself, are even taking today into the next level. I will make sure to mark the time today to take Pi to the next level, errr, I mean digits! I will also make sure to mark the time and 9:26:53. That's 9:26 (am or pm or both) and 53 seconds because, well, Pi.


Mrs. CADaBlog and I have noticed that Pi Day is starting to go mainstream. Local restaurants are starting to post signs for Pi Day, Pi Day specials, and the like. Online stores of Geeky nature have had Pi Day sales and events in the past, but you would expect that sort of thing from that demographic. Newegg.com is having a Dealicious Pi Day Sale. And ThinkGeek.com always has a Pi Day selection. They have a great selection of Pi Day paraphernalia. 
The LA Times has an article covering a few Pi Day deals across the nation. If hotels are getting into the Pi Day spirit then it must be nearing, if not reaching, mainstream status. National news outlets are even covering Pi Day and Pi Day events. 

I've been blogging about Pi Day for a few years now 
but Pi Day has been celebrated for almost 30 years! According to Wikipedia the first official celebration of Pi Day was in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw at the San Francisco Exploratorium and its staff. MIT sends out its acceptance letters on Pi day. It's an important day.

We will be celebrating this year by eating pies which has become a tradition in our house. How will you celebrate?