Identify Five Basic Types Of Helmets

How is the full-face helmet, helmet first half, open the …? The classification below will help you easily identify the type of caps to use them properly and safely when traveling mopeds and motorcycles.

How is the full-face helmet, helmet first half, open the …? The  best motorcycle helmet below will help you easily identify the type of caps to use them properly and safely when traveling mopeds and motorcycles.

  • Identify five basic types of helmets

There are five basic types of helmets for motorcycle riders, while the other type is for professional use. All are equipped with a chin strap. Only when the driver tighten the chin strap so it really fits with the first effects of the new helmet fullest.

Here are the types of helmets are sorted by protection from high to low by the driver and the manufacturer votes.

  • Hooded type (full-face)

Full-face helmet covering the head of the user with the following section, covering the entire brain and protect against the chin area. This type of helmet is always a certain gap in the belt before the eyes and nose with plastic visor rotate up and down arbitrarily. Besides, many full-face helmet is equipped with additional air vents to circulate air inside the line.

The biggest attraction of this type of full-face helmet as protection. Some people do not like them because of the heat, isolation, lack of wind and the limited ability to hear. Full-face helmets for off-road riders sometimes remove the visor but expand coronary baseball and certainly chin.

According to several studies, full-face helmets protect the best rider for a further 35% of the accidents affecting the chin. The type of shielding helmet as little as less safe for users.

  • The type of off-road / motocross

Typical of off-road helmet is the chin and prolonged coronary baseball, bar chin, half-face shield accompanied protective glasses. Brimmed baseball tasked to cover the sun projected onto the driver when to jump up / down.

Initially, the off-road helmet does not attach the chin bar. The driver often use similar types of helmets current openings face mask attached to avoid dust and rock debris thrown into the nose and mouth. Helmets modern off-road include a chin bar to protect the face from injury, dust and rocks flying around. When properly combined with the eyeglasses, the driver will feel protected as kind of a full-face helmet use on the street.

  • Type modular or flip (flip-up)

Modular helmet or flip is a combination of full-face and open type face used on normal streets. Also, sometimes also known as convertible or flip side. When fully assembled and closed, they look very similar type of full-face helmet if additional chin bar to absorb the impact force to the face.

Chin bar flip-up cap can rotate upward with a special need to allow users exposed to the entire face. Thus, the driver can still eat, drink or speak normally without having to loosen the chin strap and removable helmet.

Helmets are designed to be modular fixed side during driving, because bars custom removable chin useful when standing still. Compared with open-face type, bar modular helmet chin jutting out far better than the forehead, thus prone to the risk of neck injuries for the driver when the accident.

  • Open the type or 3/4

Open face helmets or 3/4 still covered later in brain but lacks the chin bar and face shield, such as full-face type. Many units are equipped with a long brim baseball option is used to avoid the sun. Open face helmet capable of protecting the same part of the brain after a full-face type, but do not cover the face, even in the case of non-collision.

The bugs, dirt, even the wind, smashing into the face and eyes can make the rider discomfort or injury. That is why the open face helmet, riders always wear sunglasses or glasses additional protection to cover the eyes. In addition, many also add 3/4 helmet visor top wide to protect the eyes.

  • Type the first half

Helmet first half, also known as shorty front design similar types of openings, but shorten the back of the head. Type the first half with a minimum cover prescribed by the US traffic laws. Same kind of open face helmets always comes first half eye protection devices.