An Independent AutoCAD Price Review

Your AutoCAD® price is going up.

It’s the best time ever to switch to BricsCAD® – avoid the AutoCAD price increase!

Independent CAD consultant Steve Johnson of “CAD Nauseam” has created a detailed analysis of upcoming AutoCAD price increases, and the overall costs to keep your AutoCAD seats on maintenance and/or subscription.  Steve’s research points to an uncertain, but quite expensive future for AutoCAD users who want to keep their current perpetual licenses on maintenance. What will this mean regarding their ability to access their CAD data? We at Techevate feel strongly that the value proposition for BricsCAD is greater than ever right now.

Steve offers a look at eleven different options for you, the CAD user or buyer. The AutoCAD maintenance vs subscription conundrum is central to the majority of these options. You can find Steve’s analysis regarding “staying on maintenance” versus “subscription now!” – options 1 & 2, at this link.

The next part of the story – options 3, 4 and 5 – is entitled “Bait and Switch” by Steve. It focuses on the pros and cons of moving from maintenance to subscription (rental) when the company’s recently-announced offers kick in this summer.

Options 6 through 10 focus on abandoning maintenance, abandoning Autodesk, or… buying BricsCAD. This is music to our ears. You have clients that pay you for drawings you deliver; you have workflows that your people have developed and honed to get your designs turned into drawings. You have timelines, deadlines and projects that need to be completed on time to maintain your reputation. BricsCAD can do what you need to do, better – for much, much less!

BricsCAD is available without annual fees. It reads and writes Native DWG and runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. #TryBricsCAD


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