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With nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers, Kevin Kohler, aka The Backyard Scientist, knows a thing or two about holding people’s attention.

Whether it’s pouring molten aluminum into a watermelon (and subsequently pulling out the odd-shaped sculpture) or creating a giant human-sized mousetrap (sorry again, watermelons) the mad scientist seamlessly blends science with entertainment—a sort of Bill Nye for the YouTube generation.

More recently, Kohler created the mother of all super soakers: a molten metal squirt gun.

“This baby can hold 500ml of any liquid up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (limited by Teflon tapes’ melting point),” Kohler explains. “For this project, I’m using molten pewter which has a melting point of around 400F, just like solder. I bought around 20 pounds over 3 months for maybe $50.”

Although the stakes are getting higher and higher each year with more powerful squirt guns (seriously, when is somebody just going to show up with a power washer?), it would probably be a good idea to not show up at your neighbor’s annual Labor Day BBQ with this one:

You can read Kohler’s full build report and part list here.

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