Install the new Autodesk Hangman App into AutoCAD!

Awesome!  Now you can install the new Hangman App (by Autodesk) into your AutoCAD 2012 or 2013 (and it's absolutely free).  I do realize that while this might be an AutoCAD users treat - it's a CAD Manager's nightmare (so sorry about that). 

Below you'll find a video showing you exactly how to download and use the new app (also posted on the AutoCAD Exchange channel.)  I demoed the Hangman App with a white background so you could see it better.  For maximum stealth usage (you don't want the boss to find out) I recommend using a black background!  (insert evil laugh here).  Besides - the cursor shows up better if you're using a black background.


Hats off to the AutoCAD Apps guys!  Nicely done.  Hangman in AutoCAD?  Well it doesn't get much better than that.

Note:  Maybe I need to get out more?