Jamison Pezdek: PTC Live Global “Better than Video”

While video demos are a great way to show new, complex software products, Jamison Pezdek, mechanical engineer from Boston-Power, Inc., says that a one-to-one with YouTube lacks something. That’s why he attended PTC Live Global last year.

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What does a week of face time offer PTC users?
  • Expert advice. “I really enjoy the ability to come in a talk to experts,” says Pezdek. “To have somebody walk you through and show you how to approach a command and shortcuts—it makes it much more helpful.”
  • Networking with engineers from other companies. “We might not use everything, so we don’t get to experience all the different capabilities [in PTC products],” says Pezdek. By meeting and talking to others at the event, he gets ideas about working with PTC products that he can use back home. He especially recommends the experience to people who want to learn new skills and find out more about what their software can do. “You don’t just learn,” he says. “You grow.”
  • A feel for the products. Pezdek says the best part of attending PTC Live Global in 2014 was the access to PTC Creo 3.0. “It really helped lay the groundwork before I moved to the program.” Because of his time at the conference, he more quickly got up to speed on the latest release. The sessions answer questions like: “How can I best set up my models? How to find everything?” Pezdek says talking to different people and experts leading the discussions helped him go through things quickly. He picked up tips, too. Plus, he says the availability of PTC University to attendees is “great.”

Want to know more about what it’s like to attend PTC Live Global and what’s in it for PTC Creo users? Come join us in Nashville, June 7-10. Until then, you could, um, watch the videos.