Join the Jacobs Institute and Stratasys for an Open House on May 1st 2017

Interest from the medical field in 3D printing is growing at an accelerated rate. Hardly a day goes by without new stories of how 3D printing is improving the delivery of healthcare and aiding in research. But for those on the sideline, getting involved can seem a daunting proposition without first-hand knowledge and expertise.

For those looking for opportunities to see the power of 3D printing first hand, talk to experts in the field, and learn what it takes to start creating your own program, Stratasys and the Jacobs Institute will be hosting an open house on May 1st in Buffalo, NY. The Jacobs Institute (JI) is a Stratasys 3D Printing Center of Excellence (COE) in Healthcare. The JI was chosen as a COE because of its leadership in the use of medical models and their research in next in next generation materials and processes to advance the field. Presentations will be led by medical doctors, engineers, and university professors who employ 3D printing solutions daily.

Learn more about how clinicians, engineers, and scientists at the Jacobs Institute have tapped into the versatility of 3D printing for a variety of applications including:

    • Surgical planning on patient specific phantoms
    • Training on clinically relevant phantoms
    • Evaluating new medical devices on validated models
    • Creating custom tools to enable new research.

The open house will take place on site at the Jacobs Institute on May 1st from 8:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Space is limited, so register today.

Watch this video to learn more about what you’ll experience at our Open House



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