Kickstarter Expands Retail Network with New Museum Partnership


Back in 2014, Kickstarter teamed up with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to sell some of the quirkiest and most successful products that come out of the crowdfunding platform through the museum’s lauded retail stores. The result was in many ways a glimpse into what a possible Kickstarter retail store would look like—a powerful notion considering that all of the products are created with grassroots funding and invited the public into the creative and manufacturing process versus traditional retail.

While you can still find a small collection of Kickstarter-backed products over at MoMA (and online), the popular crowdfunding network recently further expanded their retail network. This time, it’s through a new partnership with New York City’s New Museum.


“We’re pleased to announce an ongoing collaboration with the New Museum in New York City, showcasing an array of inventive projects that got started on Kickstarter in their store,” explains Kickstarter’s Nick Yulman. “As a leading institution dedicated to boundary-pushing art and ideas, the New Museum is the perfect place to share this collection, which features adventurous takes on everyday objects, creative explorations of technology, and designs that are simultaneously playful and profound.”




Among other products that the New Museum will begin selling immediately include the IAmElemental superhero action figures for young girls, the NYCTA and NASA Graphic Standards Manuals, the L3D interactive light visualization cube, the Analog Voltmeter Clock, and other quirky products to have come out of the crowdfunding platform within the past couple of years. If you missed these projects at first, head over to the New Museum’s online shop (or stop by in-person to see a kickass window display) to get a second chance.

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