This Larry Page-Backed Startup Promises Flying Cars by the End of 2017


Jet packs aren’t going to be the only way to get around in the not-too-distant future. While it sounds like pure science fiction, the days of flying cars are soon upon us. And no, it’s not Elon Musk helping to lead the charge on this one. This time around, it’s none other than Google co-founder Larry Page.

Kitty Hawk, a flying car company heavily backed by the tech titan, recently posted a video documenting their first flying car prototype, the Kitty Hawk Flyer. Designed to operate over water, the “all-electric aircraft” won’t require a pilot’s license to fly. Suffice to say, the result looks absolutely promising:

“When we set out to build the Flyer, we wanted to engineer a personal aircraft that’s easy to fly and accessible for all,” explain company co-founders Todd Reichert, Cameron Robertson. “We imagined simple controls and advanced electronic capabilities so that you could learn to fly it safely in minutes. We also wanted it to be 100% electric, and take off and land vertically. The Flyer would be so compact that it could fit comfortably in a garage.”

Which begs the question: is the Kitty Hawk Flyer aimed at being the latest lake toy to keep in the boat house or do the founders have more serious use cases for professionals in mind? In any case, the company says that new pilots will be able to learn to fly the Kitty Hawk Flyer “in minutes” and a consumer version will be available by the end of this year — although no price has been given at this time.

For those eager to stay updated on Kitty Hawk news to be among the first to purchase one of the flying cars, the company is offering a three-year membership for $100 that includes priority placement on the waiting list, exclusive access to company events and a flight simulator, company-branded gear, and a $2,000 discount off the eventual retail price.

Find out more over at Kitty Hawk.

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