Material Monday – ABS-like Materials

EnvisionTEC has recently released several new series of materials for our 3SP®, Perfactory® and Micro families of 3D printers. These materials largely are intended for use in manufacturing applications, with the exception of EnvisionTEC’s latest dental material.


The latest resin to enter the EnvisionTEC 3D printer roster is Ortho Tough for 3SP. Ortho Tough was developed as an answer to orthodontic appliances sticking to 3D printed models. This material has been formulated to not only support the creation of such appliances, but to yield superior fit as well.

Ortho Tough 3SP®

Perhaps the most eagerly received series from the EnvisionTEC family are EnvisionTEC’s new ABS-like materials for the 3SP class of 3D printers. The ABS 3SP materials offer increased durability as well as high functionality for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Some of these include drilling and tapping, injection molding, snap-fit functionality, and living hinges.

ABS 3SP Tough in Black, Gray

ABS 3SP Tough in Black, Gray

ABS 3SP Flex in Black, Gray

ABS 3SP Flex in Black, Gray


Available in several color choices and supporting many final uses, EnvisionTEC users can pick the resin that will exactly support an eventual function while delivering the patented surface finish EnvisionTEC is known for. The ABS-like materials now being offered include the ABS 3SP Flex and ABS 3SP Tough series, as well as Superflex 3SP.


Perfactory & Micro

The Perfactory and Micro families each have their own versions of the above materials formulated to run on the respective systems. EnvisionTEC is offering ABS Flex in Black and Gray for the Perfactory, as well as ABS Flex M for Micro systems.


Superflex for Perfactory

Superflex is also available on both systems in a Perfactory version as well as Superflex M. The Micro system version of the latest 3SP dental material is Ortho Tough M, which is suited for the smaller platform of the Micro as well as its DLP technology platform.

Ortho Tough 3SP® Would you like to try out our latest materials with increased functionality and durability?

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