A Must-See Design Docu-Series is Coming to Netflix

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A new docu-series on design is set to premiere February 10th on Netflix. The title, Abstract: The Art of Design. Now for those of us who like to peek behind the scene or tap into the minds of the creators, the series should be a doozy! As for me, I’m looking forward to seeing the episode on Tinker Hatfield the architect turned shoe designer. His contribution to the Air Jordan III with the edgy color-ways and the addition of the iconic Jumpman logo has been hailed as visionary. Hatfield’s design savvy helped propel Nike footwear into the stratosphere!

Art of Design Narrator-03“Your looking for a moment when you feel as close to the soul as possible. That’s what good design is.”

After watching the trailer I was curious to know about the project so I snooped around a little and found that the series is the brainchild of Scott Dadich the editor in chief of WIRED. Here’s what Scott had to say about the project in his February WIRED editorial.

“My partners anWired-scott_avatar3d fellow executive producers—Morgan Neville (who won an Oscar for 20 Feet From Stardom) and RadicalMedia’s Dave O’Connor—and I built a team of today’s best-known documentarians. Every episode stands as its own film, adapting the design sensibilities of our subjects. And if I may geek out for a moment, aside from the usual Steadi­cams and drones, we used anamorphic prime lenses—the best glass on the market—mounted on a Red Epic Dragon camera shooting 4K HDR. It looks fantastic…………..I’m confident that the show will do more than just bring deeper meaning to things you can see and feel. We were all working from what, in the end, is a particularly WIRED point of view. If we’ve done it right, Abstract will help you understand the future by seeing the intent behind the objects that surround us—and the beauty in the decisions that led to them. So here is my totally nonobjective review: It’s awesome. I rate it two thumbs up, five stars, and 100 percent fresh.


The series will air eight episodes showcasing the talents of some of the elite  visionaries the field of art and design has to offer. Have a look.

7-tinker hatfield 8-Ralph Gilles 6-Platon 5-Paula Scher 4-Ilse Crawford 3-Christoph Niemann 2-ES Devlin 1-Bjarke Ingels


Netflix AofD bottom Banner-01“What’s important is the story, the message, the feeling, the connection, it’s design.”

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