Nested Dielectrics - I Will Drink to That Fusion 360 Update!


Nested Dielectrics are literally a beautiful thing!

It sounds like a medical condition or power system design, but In simple terms it is the ability to set priority of the object to render much like draw order works. The ability to allow the order of render priority for transparent materials and was part of the recent May 30, 2017 update to Fusion 360.

Here is a blog post on how to use it.
How to create realistic renderings with transparent materials

This all got me thinking it was a perfect time to try and do an interpretation or homage of the extremely popular Engineers Guide to Drinks but in Fusion 360.

The Engineers Guide to Drinks is a 1970 era plot test that we made it into AutoCAD (2D and 3D) drawing and someone attempted one drink in Revit, but now we will create a Fusion 360 version using the new dielectric priority.

Engineers Guide to Drinks 2D version.
Engineers Guide to Drinks DWG

Here is a deconstructed drink in Fusion 360 as I play around with more of the new ability and explore ways to re-imagine the Engineers Guide to Drinks.

Deconstructed drink in Fusion 360

There are many practical uses for the new dielectric priority in design renderings beyond drinks of course, but this is a fun challenge.