New Release: PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 integrates with PTC Creo

“This release introduces a new, enhanced integration with PTC Creo. Users can embed and edit a PTC Mathcad worksheet directly in the CAD model, at the part or assembly level. This allows PTC Mathcad to automatically calculate and drive parameters to update the CAD model. At the same time, parameters from PTC Creo can be used to drive engineering calculations. This new ability to quickly and easily document engineering knowledge and design intent with PTC Mathcad inside the PTC Creo model provides engineers with a powerful digital engineering notebook.

Secondly, in this release you’ll find a completely rewritten API to integrate and automate PTC Mathcad with other software. The API is more efficient and easier to use, adding important new features such as an event handler and the ability to retrieve and define data in different units. PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 can now easily integrate with your design software, analysis tools, and PDM systems to support more automated and accurate design processes.”

Read the full article here.

Ed – explore the highlights of this release (and the integration with PTC Creo) by watching the following 3 minute demonstration. And why not try PTC Mathcad for free.