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It’s not every day when we hear about an exciting new power tool innovation—so when we do get one, it’s usually worth giving a hoot about. The LignoLoc wood nail fastening system is most certainly one of those.

Designed to be used in industrial production and ecological timber construction, LignoLoc is the first-ever fireable wooden nail that boasts a tensile strength similar to aluminum nails. 560w, 768w, 1100w" sizes="(max-width: 1478px) 100vw, 1478px" />

Made from indigenous beech wood and manufactured by the BECK Fastener Group, each nail is hardened by compressing cell structures and hardening with sustainable resin. The company is also releasing their F44AC customized to be used specifically with LignoLoc nails. The resulting fastener system allows users to drive nails into solid structural timber without any pre-drilling. Aside from the eco-friendly benefits, one significant upside to using the system is a massive reduction in tool wear when post-processing wood components and assemblies.

“With the development of the LignoLoc® Nail, the BECK Fastener Group has launched a new generation of fastening technology,” explains the Austria-based company. “The capture of a traditional fastener and the transfer of this technology into the age of automation seem at first glance easier than it really was. Due to many years of experience of the FASCO engineers, a pneumatic nailer could be developed which can implement this new technology.”

Find out more about the eco-friendly nails over at LignoLoc.

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