Northern California Fires

Many Autodesk employees have been affected by the Northern California Wildfires, and a few friends and colleagues that have lost their homes. My heart and love flows out to everyone impacted by this fire as we try to help them. I used to live nearby the burn areas in Sonoma County, and can’t imagine the fear and loss people must be going through. I am now live about 700 miles North of the SF Bay area but if anyone needs a place to stay or anything, please let me know.

“As of Sunday at 7 p.m, Cal Fire has reported that 106,272 acres have burned in Sonoma and Napa counties in the Tubbs, Pocket, Nuns and Oakmont fires. Twenty-two people have been confirmed dead, and authorities say they expect to contain the fires by Friday, Oct. 20. Those fires have destroyed 3,947 structures, and threaten 24,914 more. About 4,230 personnel have been fighting the fires.”

Real-time evacuation map

Active list of evacuation

If you would like to help:
Northern California Wildfires Response Information - American Red

An Autodesk Foundation page has been started by and for my Autodesk colleagues.

So many events have happened in the past month with people needing help. Please don't forget those affected in the Las Vegas shooting and the recent hurricanes as there are still many needing everyone's support and assistance.