Now Shipping: E-Guard

Now Shipping: E-Guard

EnvisionTEC is now shipping its FDA-approved E-Guard material, which was first unveiled at LMT Lab Day in Chicago earlier this year.

E-Guard is a biocompatible crystal clear material for the production of accurate guards, splints and retainers on the Perfactory® line of 3D Printers, such as the Perfactory Vida.

The results produced by combining E-Guard with EnvisionTEC’s 3D printing technology are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing night guards and bite splints. High resolution 3D printing produces a precise final product — for a great fit — and can greatly simplify the production process in a digital workflow.

As with traditionally manufactured night guards and bite splints, E-Guard is a clear material, allowing for maximum visibility.

The cost of high quality guards, splints and retainers can be dramatically lower when produced using E-Guard on an EnvisionTEC 3D printer in comparison to traditional manufacturing methods, making EnvisionTEC the clear choice for any digital dental laboratory.


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