OnFarm Sows Smart Farming

When you think about the Internet of Things and the growing amounts of data and capabilities available to us, agriculture is probably not the first industry that comes to mind.

But without innovation and advancements in technology, the 12,000 year-old industry would not be nearly as sophisticated or practical as it is today.

Technology has allowed farmers to make the shift from individually maintaining and cultivating small crops for the needs of their family to today’s mass availability of produce in supermarkets.

ary changes from the time the first humans consumed plants as a form of nourishment. At LiveWorx, Lance Donny, founder and CEO of OnFarm took the audience through the shifts in agriculture, which he referred to as “AG”.

Discussing details of the labor intensive phase of AG 1.0 to the commercial farms of AG 2.0 and onto today’s technology connections, Donny explained what new practices and efficiencies AG 3.0 will bring.

Competitive advantage gained from tomorrow’s agriculture will be determined by the capabilities and availability of information, devices, and analytics, driving how companies farm, where they farm, and what they farm, Donny said. And those farmers who fail to embrace these practices will suffer the consequences.

OnFarm, powered by ThingWorx, has built the most advanced platform for farm decision-making available today.

With the explosion of technology, many farmers are overwhelmed by three inherent problems:

  • The sheer volume of data
  • Data being confined to separate systems
  • How we interpret information collected for better decision-making

By building connected solutions to overcome these challenges, OnFarm gives farmers the power of choosing the solutions most important to them and their crops, Donny said.

By automatically collecting, analyzing, and presenting data in OnFarm’s platform, farmers gain new insights and a deeper knowledge about their crops, which allows them to make better, more educated decisions about how and what they farm, he said

“This knowledge is crucial for farmers to increase yields, implement the best production practices, and farm new crops, while reducing the risks on all crops,” continued Donny.

As the global population continues to grow, increased food demand is a significant challenge. But, by IoT capabilities, meeting this demand could be attainable.

“With the advances we’re making with information and analytics, we will enable the world’s farmers to increase their productivity, diversity, and economics with the big data of AG 3.0,” Donny concluded.

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Image by David Wright on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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