Open an Autodesk 360 account &Autodesk will contribute to Engineers without Borders!

You get...We give...and this is the perfect season for exactly that.  All you have to do is open an Autodesk 360 account and Autodesk will give $1 to Engineers without Borders.  Now that is a total Win-Win!

Autodesk 360 is an easy-to-use cloud based service where you can store up to 3GB of files and easily access them from anywhere you have an internet connection.  It's also a great collaboration workspace so you can share your files with others all over the world.  You decide at the last minute that you want to work from home?  No problem!  Just log onto your Autodesk 360 account and download your files.  You can even set your Autodesk software up to automatically sync with your Autodesk 360 account so you'll always have the most up to date files available.

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Give it a try - what have you got to lose?  Tis the season to help others and that's exactly what Engineers without Borders-USA is all about.  Help build a world in which all communities have the capacity to meet the basic human needs.

Set up your Autodesk 360 account now!