PACCAR Drives Design Reviews with PTC Creo View MCAD

If you’ve ever driven the interstate or pulled into a rest stop in the United States, you’ve seen PACCAR brands—Peterbilt and Kenworth. The company’s big rigs dominate American roadways, hauling product on 18 wheels from city to city. In Europe, PACCAR owns the DAF brand. And in the UK, the Fortune 500 firm puts Leyland heavy and medium duty vehicles on the road. In fact, you can find PACCAR vehicles and factories all over the world.

As a company in business since 1905 and with $17 Billion in revenues, PACCAR knows more than a little about what it takes to work with mega assemblies and about international collaboration, too. That’s why we asked Bill Ryan, vehicle packaging engineer based out of Denton, Texas, to show us his company’s solution for its product design process, especially design reviews.

How do you share a truck with millions of parts and as many as 19,000 variants with your team members and management? And what if they aren’t CAD experts?

The answer: PTC Creo View MCAD and an integration with the company’s PLM system, PTC Windchill.

PTC Creo View MCAD isn’t any ordinary model viewer. It allows the PACCAR team members to download up-to-date design data (there’s that PTC Windchill integration), even massive representations of models up to 5 million parts. They can measure and annotate the data, manipulate it, and compare models and drawings. They can even compare variants.

Ryan says that since this team started using PTC Creo View MCAD, they get through design reviews faster and with better understanding. The workflow, from design in PTC Creo Parametric to vaulting in PTC Windchill to sharing and review in PTC Creo View today is more unified.

Want to see it in action? Join Ryan in this recorded webinar.  He’ll explain how the solution can help teams collaborate across sites, find a clearance problem in a complex model, and even share review files (safely) with a simple email link.

Plus, you’ll get a tip for “box-selecting” a single part or assembly in one model and dropping it in a variant. It’s a new feature introduced in the latest release of the viewer software.

With PTC Creo View MCAD, engineers at companies like PACCAR get the performance they need to view the latest models and variants of their designs. They can analyze options, search and report to understand BOM, and animate for better communication too.

See Ryan’s Demo by clicking here: How to Improve Design Reviews in a Collaborative Environment (Registration Required)

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