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Despite a long list of benefits, working from home is also not without its fair share of downsides. For those that depend on billing clients for regular hours, digital time tracking can be a major pain—particularly when you’re constantly bouncing back and forth between tasks.

But what if starting and stopping different tasks was as easy as tapping a simple button? What if you no longer had to wind through a maze of drop-down menus and manual time entry boxes?

Such is the premise behind Tiller—a minimal and seamless desktop peripheral for tracking your time.

Designed by Joan, an independent digital product agency based in Melbourne, Australia, Tiller aims to eschew all time-tracking software with an intuitive and simple tactile interface: a single tap starts or stops a time and a small turn of the dial switches between items.

“Close to two years ago, we hacked together the first prototype using a car radio volume control and some balsa wood, to see how it would feel having another piece of hardware on our desks,” explains the design team. “We’ve been using Tiller ourselves, and we’ve tested it extensively with freelancers and small businesses–to make sure that it’s useful for them. It’s been a continuous process, but we’re now ready to get Tiller out the door.”

The Tiller is currently on Kickstarter with 24 days left to go for $123.

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