PLM on $5 a Day

If you look at the PTC PLM Cloud price list, you can see right away that the cost of a seat per day is refreshingly affordable. For the Standard plan, you’ll pay $150 per user per month. Or $5 a day. But that figure only begins to reflect the value you get from deploying this subscription-based lifecycle management system. Here’s what else you should know:

For some users, the cost is much lower.

When we talk about lifecycle management, we typically mean authors—the people who create and modify content. Look a little further down the price list and you’ll see PLM is even more affordable for anybody who just wants to view and inspect the data.

  • A tool designer needs a measurement that isn’t on the drawings.
  • A buyer needs a STEP file to prepare a bid.
  • A technician in rapid prototyping needs an STL file for 3D printing.

With a View&Print license, each of these team members can access the files and inspect and download what they need—without disrupting the CAD experts. For these users, a seat is just $50 a month or about $1.70 a day. (I’ll spare you the usual comparisons to what you paid for coffee this morning.)

Cloud UI

The PTC PLM Cloud UI includes a built in 3D viewer so anyone (with permissions) can retrieve, view, and inspect 3D models in the system. The 3D viewer supports zoom, rotate, section, and explode operations. It even lets you to accurately measure models (such as to determine a dimension not included in a drawing).

Adding users doesn’t require a commitment.

Collaboration is one of the standout benefits of using PLM on the cloud. Besides the tool designer and the buyer, think about a contractor helping you with an urgent project or the client that wants you to look over a design. If everyone had access to the PLM system (your customers, suppliers and design and manufacturing partners), you could ensure that you’re securely exchanging the most up-to-date versions of the design data at any time.

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The problem is, it’s expensive to buy a seat of PLM software for someone who’s only working on the project for a few weeks. With PTC PLM Cloud, you don’t have to. The system easily accommodates new users for as long as you need them. You are charged only for the unique users who actually use the system in any given month—and you can commit to paying for as few as one user

“The cloud treats everyone the same,” says Chris Bergquist, senior channel solutions director at PTC. “You can easily invite suppliers and partners and pay as long as they access it. The beauty is that you pay for actual use, not each named user (which gets expensive, especially if someone doesn’t use the system in a particular month).”

Some companies can’t afford to do without PLM.

Products today are more complex than ever, often incorporating electronics, sensors, computer components, etc. And release cycles continue to narrow with every release. That means many companies, large and small, must look to a growing set of diverse partners to compete.

While the collaboration can bring products together faster than ever, the opportunities for errors abound. Send the wrong version of a drawing to your manufacturing partners, and you may find yourself scrapping or reworking parts later. Mix up a design file, and your contractor may spend weeks modifying the wrong model. Nobody wants to squander scarce resources that way.

The bottom line is that, although the price of a seat of PTC PLM Cloud for your design team is attractive on its own, look past that number. PTC PLM Cloud also provides affordable support for downstream data “consumers,” makes your environment more flexible as you add new users, and, best of all, provides all the value of a well-managed product development system.

If you’re not familiar with how tools like PTC PLM Cloud work, this video is a great starting place:

For more about the PTC PLM Cloud, check out the demo: