PTC Creo DEX in Action: New Video Demo

We slipped one by you last week. While we were trying to show you all the different ways you could learn more about the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX), we failed to announce the most obvious: Our newly produced PTC Creo DEX in Action video.

PTC Creo DEX is a tool you use to try out multiple 3D design alternatives quickly and effectively, without creating a new session for each one.

In this new demo, our narrator uses PTC Creo DEX to build a checkpoint tree and branches, each bearing alternative versions of the same model. Then, he easily clicks from one version to another for reviewers to evaluate. Best of all, everything remains in one session—so managing multiple ideas doesn’t have to be a confusing mess of separate files and folders.

In the new 3:48 video demo, you’ll see how you can use PTC Creo DEX to jump from new ideas to review sessions to approved design seamlessly.

There’s one more benefit with PTC Creo DEX that we haven’t talked about much in our previous posts. When someone makes a design change to a top-level assembly, PTC Creo DEX can help you handle the impact more efficiently. In the new video, you’ll see how a train chair designer deals with a narrowing of the entire train body.

But enough words. Watch the new video below and see for yourself:

Ed – join a live webcast to see PTC Creo DEX. These webcasts feature a 30 minute demonstration and opportunity to ask questions and get answers from our experts.