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There’s nothing like attending a global design or engineering conference. You get to see and hear all the latest and greatest stuff. But I say even better than attending a conference is the opportunity to be a presenter at one! The big event for PTC Users is the annual LiveWorxs Global Conference. So if you’ve ever fancied standing on the big stage or showing your stuff via live demonstration, then the moment is at hand. PTC’s call for presenters is open through October 2oth.

According to PTC, the LiveWorx 2018 Call for Presenters is an invitation for global professionals, thought leaders, customers, innovative thinkers and industry influencers to participate in the world’s largest technology conference for smart, connected products.

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Why should you consider submitting?

  • If you abstract is accepted, you’ll get a free All-Access Pass (a $1495 value) to LiveWorx 2018
  • You will establish yourself as one of the thought-leaders, guru’s, and/or CAD Ninja

What you need to prepare?

  • All presenters are required to create an account
  • Abstract descriptions are limited to 1000 characters
  • Descriptions less than 200 characters willnot be considered
  • Each submission must include 3 key takeaways
  • All submissions require the following contact information for each presenter:

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If you’ve got the slightest inkling to give it a go, then act fast! Navigate to the LiveWorks 2018 page to register and get started by follow the action items outlined by the presenter review committee. Happy writing!

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