PTC User Community Refresh: New Look, Tools, and Address

When was the last time you visited the PTC Community at  That’s sort of a trick question. The truth is that the website has moved, and along the way, it’s learned a few new tricks. If you haven’t visited the forum in the past month, or ever, here’s what you should know.

Newcomers welcome

The PTC Community is an active website where users and others ask in-depth questions, relay news, gather in interest groups, showcase their work, and even share tutorials (like the Vladimir Palffy video below showing the PTC Creo Advanced Rendering Extension). Whatever products interest you, PTC Creo, PTC Mathcad, PTC Windchill, etc., somebody has probably posted something about it in the past 24 hours. If you’ve never visited or set up an account, we urge you to join us.

Oldcomers welcome

If you’ve visited the site in the past, but not recently, you might be surprised at the changes. Community Manager, Ryan Kelley, says that updates in technology spurred the overhaul to the forum, which now includes a fresh look, a more feed-centric user experience, and more options for customizing what you see and when.

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“We’re hoping the new site will allow members to scan and review content easier, to keep up to date with items that matter most to them, while also offering a cleaner, more open design,” writes Kelley.

Here’s an example. Have you ever engaged in a lengthy online conversation and found that each time you returned, you had to scroll through all the material you’d already read to reach the newest comments? The revamped PTC Community addresses that:

“The biggest improvement with our … upgrade is the introduction of streams, where you subscribe to places, content, and people that interest you and review periodic activity,” writes Kelley. “As you begin to use streams, you’ll notice that the system keeps track of content you’ve already seen and creates an “End of Updates” divider to denote where you last left off.”

End of New Updates scree

New PTC Community keeps track of where you left off reading.

Early users say the new site is cleaner, less cluttered, and easier to navigate. Plus, it includes these new advances:

  • Inbox functionality: Quick access to all your content including subscriptions to PTC product communities, user groups, @mentions, announcements, and direct communication with fellow members. A number of ways to filter material allow easy content previewing.
  • Search Weighting: Site search using content meta-data (categories, tags, keywords) and your site behavior for better results, giving you quick access to your frequently viewed people, content, and communities.
  • Major experience enhancements: New combined homepage with a community overview, custom activity streams, the inbox, and site actions. Notifications and Social News moved into the Inbox. New @mention design gives more context in more places
  • Enhanced mobile experience: Simply put, the new community UI looks awesome on the iPad and has all the same functionality you’d expect from the web.
  • Spell check access: Support for your browser’s built-in spell check.
  • WYSIWYG URLs: Improved WYSIWYG process for inserting URLs into content.
  • Easier file uploads. Drag-and-drop support for uploading a files and attachments. (No more need to click and browse to upload.)
  • Better video. Enhanced video player is a full-width and now supports HD uploads and playback.

Bookmark the new PTC Community pages today at to join in, or use the related links below to find more about what’s new and changed on the site.