Rave Reviews for BricsCAD Support

“You have the best support in the industry. I probably lean on you all too much, but it is because I push the software so hard in my day to day work.”

– Jim Canale, Applied Concepts Inc.

“I submit a support request. Within hours, I get a meaningful response from a person who understands the issue.”

– Steve Johnson, cadnauseam.com

“The difference in attitude between Autodesk and Bricsys is glaring, stark, obvious. Autodesk pays lip service to providing customer service and software quality. Bricsys just gets on and does it.”

– Steve Johnson

“When I report a bug to Bricsys, I always get a response within 24 hours.”

– Ralph Grabowski

BricsCAD Users love all the support options they have available.


BricsCAD is an ever-evolving software program with tons of features and capabilities. In order for you to fully exploit BricsCAD’s potential, our experts have published several comprehensive user guides and documentation.

More about BricsCAD documentation

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Priority Support

When you file an on-line support request, your issue will go to the top of the queue. The BricsCAD development team works hard to respond to Priority Support requests in one working day.

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This unique support channel provides a mix of tutorials produced by CAD gurus all over the world.

Browse BricsCAD Tutorials

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Online Knowledgebase

From installation and activation to technical aspects as drawing and modeling.

Check out the BricsCAD Online Knowledge Base

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Online Forums

Share your knowledge, ask questions, and explore popular BricsCAD topics.

BricsCAD Forums

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Customer Sales & Service

Our friendly and knowledgeable BricsCAD Reps love to help businesses get a grip on their challenges and help guide them to the right solution.

Contact a BricsCAD Sales Rep at 800-915-1509 M-F, 8-5 PT or email bcadusa @ techevate.com and request your free BricsCAD Consultation.

More contact options

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