Samsung Teams Up With STAEDTLER Pencils for Latest Galaxy Tab Stylus



In the arena of tablet styluses, ranging from basic nubs to advanced pressure-sensitive offerings from Apple and Wacom, little consideration has been put into making the writing devices look at all analog. Instead, the majority of digital sketching styluses are futuristic interpretations of what a writing instrument could be.

With the launch of the Noris Digital, Samsung has quite literally turned that approach on its head.

With the announcement of their new Galaxy Tab S3 and accompanying S Pen stylus, Samsung announced that they have collaborated with iconic german pencil manufacturer STAEDTLER to create a stylus that mimics the natural feel and touch of a traditional wood pencil. Designed exclusively for Samsung Galaxy tablets, the STAEDTLER Noris digital pencil includes the same features as the company’s S Pen— just wrapped up in a new package.


Featuring a similar black striped paint design as its analog siblings, the digital pen is nearly indistinguishable from a wooden STAEDTLER analog pencil if you had two laying side-by-side on your desk. Ergonomically speaking, well, it’s not too far off from the pencils many of us grew up learning how to sketch with.

While Samsung hasn’t disclosed pricing or availability details yet, we’re putting our bets on this one being a hit.

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