Scott Crump Honored with Induction into the TCT 3D Technologies Hall of Fame

The TCT group, a renowned voice of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industries, showcased a spotlight on innovation yesterday with the TCT Hall of Fame awards event.  One of  our founders, Scott Crump, who currently holds the title of Chief Technolgy Officer, was inducted in the inaugural ceremony along with four others yesterday. Of the award, Scott noted how honored he was to be a recipient in the company of the other nominees and winners. In his acceptance speech, Scott touched upon a dawning of a new and exciting time for additive manufacturing, referencing industry verticals where innovation and future ready applications are already breaking barriers and reaching heights not known before, paving the way for the next industrial revolution.

“We are at the beginning of a golden age of additive manufacturing with significant opportunities. And you see it at the show here, in prototyping, production parts, tooling, composites, robotic composites, metals in areas like aerospace, automotive medical bio-mimics and dental, of which the automation is based on the characteristics of additive manufacturing. And that is just a few areas that we know. There is a whole host of applications we don’t know yet.”

As the world prepares for the factory of the future, we look forward to more conversations like the one below on the topic of the challenges faced by manufacturing organizations and how Stratasys will be a partner that develops solutions to bridge the gap between what is, and what will be.

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