Server-Hosted Workstations for CAD, Part 1: Introduction
Sponsored by Intel

What is Intel GVT, and how can it help speed up the design process?

By Robert Green

Our day-to-day workstation power problems are common: CAD users work in branch offices all over the country (or world), slow WANs make sharing CAD files difficult, workstations with widely varying equipment specifications slow design work, graphics drivers act cranky, and all of our work must be backed up and secure. If you’re a CAD manager or IT administrator you’ve likely wrestled with most of these issues at some point.

Server-hosted workstations — built on Intel Graphics Virtualization Technology (GVT) and accessed from virtually any device using Citrix XenDesktop and HDX 3D Pro software — offer an integrated solution to these common CAD headaches. In a four-part series sponsored by Intel, I’ll examine server-hosted workstation solutions from the perspective of a CAD manager to help you determine if this option is right for your office. In this installment, Part 1, I’ll explain the basics of the technology and discuss its general benefits and feasibility for CAD applications.