Server-Hosted Workstations for CAD, Part 3: CAD Application Certification and Network Specifics
Sponsored by Intel

How do you know your CAD tools will work on GVT-hosted workstations?

By Robert Green

In the first two installments of Server-Hosted Workstations for CAD we introduced the concept of using Intel Graphics Virtualization Technology (GVT) to move workstations to a data center-hosted environment and how users would perceive using a hosted workstation in your company’s network topology.

To continue examining how GVT would work in your company's environment, you need to know what CAD applications are certified to operate on Intel GVT workstations, plus let IT staff know how to prepare your network. Given these final metrics, everyone in your IT/CAD team should have a solid idea of what hosted workstations could mean for your business.