Social Super Fan, Benjamin Herzig, becomes a ThinkRevolution Innovator

One of our ThinkRevolution Social Super Fans, Benjamin Herzig, has hit the first level of fandom and is now a ThinkRevolution Innovator. Congrats, Benjamin!

We want to share a little information about our Social Super Fans as they progress in their quest to become a Revolutionist. Here’s what we learned about him:

Benjamin currently lives in Gelnhausen, a small town in the middle of Germany, near one of Germanys biggest cities Frankfurt am Main, where he is studying sociology.

Benjamin, just like our other fans, is a tiny bit obsessed with ThinkPads (#goodweird). He is building up quite a collection, which currently consists of a ThinkPad W550s, a ThinkPad X301, as well as oldies like a Z61t, and an R50e. He is using his workstation as his everyday workhorse, from the basics of Microsoft Office to photo editing and large projects for his studies in Germany.

We had to ask him, “Why Lenovo?”: “Because ThinkPads are the best notebooks in the world, and you can rely on them.” (You keep doing what you do, Benjamin, and we’ll keep building them ThinkPad tough.)

We also asked Benjamin what the coolest project is that he’s worked on so far and he told us: “The coolest project I’ve worked on was for a biology class, we observed a part of a forest for several weeks to see how it developed from winter to spring.” (That would be an awesome .gif!)

We are excited Benjamin has joined ThinkRevolution as a Social Super Fan; you’ll see him posting all about Lenovo from @ibmthink96!