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Get that stretch out of your system with this week’s Spotify-powered SolidSmack Radio Playlist. It’s fashioned up, ready to make you pull your shoulder blades back and knock out another week of meaningful work while you bob your head to the beat. Whether you’re in the shop milling aluminum, sketching the latest product prototypes or modeling up a 3D storm, consider these tracks as a tool for your process.

This week we’ll get the groove going with “Slowly Disappear” from Hush Moss before diving into sweet melodies from Shoos Off, Evan P Donohue, Diane Coffee, Lina Tullgren, Dent May, and others before wrapping up with “Where’d All the Time Go?” from Dr. Dog. Rock!

Have suggestions? As always, let us know what you listen to, what you want to hear and what tunes get you through the week. Shoot us an email or leave a comment down below!!

*Note: if the embedded playlist below doesn’t work for you, try this.

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