Solidworks World and PDM Wrap-Up

This past week EnvisionTEC had the pleasure of attending two manufacturing tradeshow events, Solidworks World in Phoenix and the Pacific Design and Manufacturing Expo in Anaheim.

EnvisionTEC featured its 3D printer systems for fully-supported manufacturing solutions. The team brought a range of our 3D printer systems for high-end manufacturing applications to both shows, including 3SP®, Perfactory® and Micro, along with several examples of the surface quality and functionality of EnvisionTEC parts.

Solidworks World


EnvisionTEC went to Solidworks World at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona February 8-11. Solidworks is an exclusive technology partner, and EnvisionTEC hadsolidworks3 the pleasure of presenting the latest 3D printing innovations in booth S401.

Solidworks World 2015 was a very productive meeting of the 3D printing industry’s  innovators. The event attracted designers, engineers, and consumers interested in the “revolution” of 3D printing and where the industry will go next. The event fostered an open conversation about 3D printing through #SWW15 tagging and daily live streams of speakers and demonstrators.

Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show

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EnvisionTEC was proud to participate in the latest developments in 3D printing covered at the show. The team shared an overview of our manufacturing 3D printers and pdm2015accompanying 3SP technology, as featured in the ULTRA® 3SP Family and Large Frame 3SP printers, and DLP technology, found in the Perfactory® series.

EnvisionTEC had a wonderful time at both of these MCAD and CAM events. The team is looking forward to participating in both the Solidworks World 2016 show and the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Expo in 2016. Thank you to all the attendees, partners, and organizers who made these shows a success!

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