Speedy Spreadsheets: Ferrari Unveils Two Sports Car-Inspired Desk Chairs


At a price point that could afford a mid-sized home, it’s understandable why many people choose to just appreciate a Ferrari from a distance rather than as a weekday commuter. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll miss out on sitting in the driver’s seat every day.

Through a partnership with Italian outfit Poltrona Frau, the automaker recently gave the old boring desk chair a design overhaul modeled after the same racing-inspired sports car seat seen in their cars. Aptly titled the Cockpit Desk Chair, the sleek and ergonomic bum cushion might not help you get through those spreadsheets or modeling tasks any faster, but you’ll certainly feel a lot cooler while doing them. And while it might be a tad overkill, there’s no denying that some serious thought went into it.


Spearheaded by Ferrari Head of Design Flavio Manzoni, the Cockpit Desk Chair comes in a large (President) and small (Executive) versions and both include upholstery used in Ferrari cars backed by a carbon fiber external shell and a cast aluminum base that includes mechanisms seen in Ferrari steering wheels.


“The idea that Ferrari proposed to us was to bring the emotions that one feels while driving a Ferrari car into a seat that could fit a working environment,” explains Poltrona Frau general manager Nicola Coropulis in an interview with Dezeen. “The choice of a chair was quite natural. We avoided just putting some wheels under a Ferrari car seat, and we created an object that is unique on its own.”

Ferrari-Cockpit-Desk-Chair-5 Ferrari-Cockpit-Desk-Chair-3 Ferrari-Cockpit-Desk-Chair-2

What do you think? Too fast for the cubicle or bring on the checkered flag?

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