As a Standard, never use the word standard for your standard style names

AutoCAD has many styles. If you use Civil3D (and AutoCAD vertical) you have a plethora of styles. I have come across many instances where companies create a style, be it text, dimension, point label, etc., where they have named it “STANDARD”. It makes sense. You want a standard style to be used by everyone. Which text style should I use? Oh yeah, the one marked STANDARD. It is clear, concise, and easily understood by CAD users of all levels.

There is an issue though. If the naming convention of STANDARD is so simple to use, then many companies will be using it. The problem comes when your files intermingle with theirs. What if you need to insert or reference a third party’s files into yours. Or worse, what if a third party is referencing your files? Assume both companies are using STANDARD for their main text style. Your company uses ROMANS for your standard font. They use SCRIPT. They insert your file into theirs. AutoCAD then recognizes your text style of STANDARD but applies company B’s style settings and all of your text is now script.

Why does this happen? Well, AutoCAD reads a style and uses the style that is already in the file. If two different styles have the same name, it goes with the style it already knows in the open file.

Another instance where this is likely to mess up your drawings is in custom linetypes that use text. Assume you created a custom linetype that uses text with your STANDARD text style. Your linework is inserted into a third party file. Their STANDARD text style is set to a specific height, width, and/or different font. Your fancy pants custom linetype is now all wrong!

You will see the same or similar behavior with dimension styles.

The best way to work around this is to use some sort of unique identifier in your style name. Assume your company’s initials are XYZ. Start all of your style names with XYZ. You can have an XYZ-STANDARD for your text, dimensions, tables, etc. Perhaps your initials are too generic, so try using your company name.  for me it might be CADABLOG-STANDARD.  That is very unique. My style settings will remain no matter where my data does.