The Stress Block is the Ultimate Desktop Fidget Toy (37% Off)



We get it – patience doesn’t always come easy. Whether you’re waiting for a comp to finish rendering or are just nervously waiting to hear back from a client, it’s normal to fidget with the first thing you can get your hands on.

But instead of stressing everybody else out with your excessive nail biting and desk drumming, consider grabbing a Stress Block at the first sign of feeling like you’re about to go crazy.

With six different sides featuring six different ways of fidgeting, you’ll never lose your mind while waiting for those assemblies to rebuild themselves ever again. And for a limited time, SolidSmack readers can get a Stress Block for just $14.99 – that’s 37% off the retail price of $24.00.

When you were a kid, there was Silly Putty. Today, we’re smarter, more accomplished, and definitely in need of greater focus, which is what makes Stress Blocks such a revelation. This addicting desk toy is designed to help you focus, offering six sides with a unique game to play on each, helping you to burn off that excess energy in a healthy way.


  • Play w/ six different sides to expel energy
  • Increase focus by occupying your hands while you zero in on what’s in front of you
  • Take Stress Blocks anywhere – they easily fit in your pocket


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