Stuck on Autodesk BIM360 Glue (especially for Construction!)

I'm quite sure I'm not the first to coin such a cheesy BIM360 Glue phrase (nor the last) but I must admit I really love spreading the news about this great cloud and mobile application.  Since I seem to have been inundated with presenting at Construction conferences lately - BIM360 Glue has been an obvious topic for me to cover.

Despite what the various BIM Gods might say - not everyone knows what to do with a BIM model (shocking I know!).  This holds particularly true in the construction industry and absolutely true if you're out in the field in the construction industry.  That is where super friendly BIM360 Glue comes in.  The 'One click to BIM" literally takes you from an email to the model in one simple step.

BIM360 Glue stores the BIM model in the cloud - for easy access from anywhere - to all members of the project team.  Let's face it - One up-to-date model that everyone is referencing is a very good thing in the Construction industry. Bad coordination and conflicts can gobble up revenue - BIM360 Glue helps resolve both before construction even begins.One single source of truth -  BIM360 Glue can (and will) save money - plain and simple!

  And like it or not - the building industry often uses a myriad of different software programs and file formats throughout the project lifecycle. No problem as BIM360 Glue supports over 50 different file formats!

And of course there is an App for that!  If you're in the field - the BIM360 Glue Mobile App will give you quick and easy access to models and object data (both online and offline).  It's easy-to-use touch screen interaction means that even the non-BIM savvy workers can sort it out!  Blog 1.5
The Cloud is the perfect place for BIM models.  The Cloud is speedy at processing data (for even the largest of BIM models) and the Cloud provides easy access for all the team members.  And the cloud is secure (well the Autodesk 360 Cloud is certainly secure!). That is why Autodesk BIM360 Glue is a great solution for the Construction industry!

(All that isn't just for the Construction Industry - I just have construction on the brain right now.)

So what if you're using Navisworks?  Not a problem as BIM360 Glue integrates well with (and complements quite nicely) Navisworks!  (Be sure to leave that 4D and 5D up to Navisworks though!)

Give your contractor a break...introduce him to BIM360 Glue!